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The Blue Whale challenge appears to have found its way into the public awareness in a nation where death rates are high, particularly among children. Although the history of Rina Palenkova and others who died after playing this online activity has shocked several individuals https://hellobeautiful.com/playlist/famous-interracial-couples/, the reality is much more commonplace than what breathless content might imply.

A new Guardian exploration reveals that the blue shark meme was a fabrication of Russian media’s imagination and that suicides were the result of numerous factors, such as emotional issues, family strife, and the need to conform to the ideal woman ideal.

In Russia, regional violence is a serious issue because men and family members frequently assault girls. These problems were made worse by the coronavirus lockdown, which also resulted in the development of issue locations for women and the need for greater cooperation between lesbian and human rights organizations in Russia. Additionally, studies on recognize killings in Dagestan and Ingushetia demonstrate that judges frequently use survivor blaming and “attenuating circumstances” to support lenient punishments.

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