Korean girls are beautiful, but many of them idolize foreign men because they have white skin https://datingsiteuser.com/korean-girl-to-date/. As a result, many Western women who come to Korea find themselves disappointed in their relationships with local men.

That may explain why so many of them, particularly American women, look to date men from other countries https://newportmanners.com/faq/engagement-party-etiquette-weddings/. According to a survey by the National Research Institute of Korea, in a speed dating setting, both men and women put more emphasis on physical attractiveness than on etiquette or social levels when choosing potential dates.

In contrast, in the United States, those factors are equally important. A study by the University of Michigan found that Americans allocate higher scores to etiquette than on physical attractiveness, but lower scores in the areas of kindness and intelligence. The researchers speculate that the low score allocation in the latter two areas explains why so many Americans tend to favor Asian-Americans over other ethnicities.

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As the economy has grown, so has the number of Korean women with university degrees. Some women are finding themselves older than the traditional marriage age of 26 and having fewer children, prompting a flurry of government efforts to boost the declining fertility rate.

But even those who are able to make it work in the short term often leave Korea feeling frustrated. Quandra Moore, 27, a Washington native who taught English in Seoul for two years, said she felt groped by men in bars and propositioned for casual sex on nights out. She said that her enjoyment of K-drama influenced her decision to move to Korea in 2017, but she soon realized that the men who populated the TV screens were not real.

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