This was a long time ago when relationship was valued highly and no taken gently. Countless folks today believe that this is no longer the case and that matrimony has devolved into a mere lever Thailand’s wedding rites still adhere to some long-standing customs, but a lot has changed as well.

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It’s typically a good idea to hire an interpreter to assist with the dialogues before the service even begins. Additionally, they will be able to confirm that everyone is aware of the situation and has the necessary information.

The groom can go to claim his bride once the bride’s family and the groom have decided how much dowry ( or” sin sod” ) must be paid. He is riding in a procession with his family and friends to the bride’s home, stopping en route to pour water on the road (‘rod nam sang ‘). The bride’s families did subsequently extend a warm welcome to them in her home.

The few kneels finding a wife in Thailand before the senior elder during this portion of the wedding and connects their heads with a specially made bright thread. The two loops that are created symbolize that although their fate are now intertwined, their unique personalities are still present.

A significant portion of Thais practice Buddhism, just like the majority of various Asiatic civilizations. This implies that wedding photos can be taken at a nearby temple or another significant spiritual location.

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