Is it true that Japanese people adore European europeans, as many people have heard? If that’s the case, why do they like them? The solution may shock you.

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One possible explanation is that many women find a man who did look after them as they get older attractive. Finding someone to take care of them in early life is a high priority for most people in this lifestyle where people usually work their entire life. This may be enough to entice a person if she believes that the european male did handle her with the respect she deserves as an older individual.

Another possibility is that many Japanese females find unusual males to be more self-assured than their domestic counterparts This is largely because foreigners are typically used to a more forceful culture in their home countries, which results in more confident behavior overall.

But this might be a dual edged sword. Some interviewees expressed the opinion that many of their male dates were merely gaijin hunters looking to find a cheap wedding outside of the region before moving on to their next target.

Last but not least, some ladies might just be drawn to dating foreigners for the opportunities it offers to learn a new dialect. This is especially typical of young Japanese people who are interested in learning English, and it is not unusual for them to make friends with or even date a indigenous speaker in order to advance their personal speech abilities.

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